2009 Albums You Might Have Missed (yes I know we are 5 months into 2010, but I’ve been busy).

17 May

Tubelord-Our First American Friends

The Xcerts- In The Cold Wind We Smile

Wild Honey-Epic Handshakes and a Bear Hug

Inara George-Accidental Experimental

Ramona Falls-Intuit

Castledoor-Shouting At The Mountains

The Very Best-Warm Heart of Africa

Starlight Mints-Change Remains


Local Natives

24 Nov

Local Natives caught my attention earlier this year in February. I was unable to find any signs of them having released an album, or even a EP. From what I heard they were selling 7inches at shows, but since they were not scheduled to play here, I had no way of obtaining anything by them leaving their Myspace and Youtube as the only place to listen to some of their music.

Finally the glorious site Daytrotter released their sessions and I lived for months with 3 songs on my mp3 player. Their record label in the UK released “Sun Hands” on 7inch in June, but in attempting to save money, I did not purchase it.

In the early fall,it was announced that their album Gorilla Manners would be released in the UK on November 2nd. I pre-ordered the cd. When I was finally able to listen to the full cd I was blown away. Gorilla Manner is by far one of the best releases of the year!

Listen to their song, Local Natives-Who Knows, Who Cares

Luckily since it’ll probably be released next year in the US, I can make it one of my best of the year again!

Want to import the album? Purchase it here.

Recommended if you like Cold War Kids, Fleet Foxes, Arcade Fire.